Why light is great

Q & A with UBER founder Dag Tresselt:

Your new Emperor Coat is a mere 120 grams, almost weightless, can that work or is it just a gimmick?

UBER only does product that works – that is what we do. On Emperor we are pushing the limits – it is brand new and outside the present market standards but it works extremely well. With only a tenth of the weight of a classic spring coat it easily outperforms it – its titanium coating not only re-enforces the structure but also retains body heat so the coat has a very wide temperature range.

Is it similar to a packable jacket from outdoor sports?

We draw inspiration and technology from the sports industry but then we tailor-make it for our costumer – the traveling international businessman.

Emperor is not a regular packable, we do regard it as a luxury item so it should be folded carefully into your briefcase. We are however deeply rooted in Scandinavian functionality so Emperor is very practical indeed, it only takes as much space as a folder.


Has anybody ever launched a premium fashion brand from Norway before?

No I don’t think so - we usually leave that to the Swedes! We have however a very strong sports industry in Norway which is our talent base. We also have the most demanding consumer in the world especially for winter jackets - they want and need the very best. I believe that to create unique products it may actually be an advantage to be away from the center of the industry. Our ambition is to change what the modern businessman wears.

That is quite ambitious…

Yes but there is a gap in the market today. Our target costumer has the very best and latest technical tools; mobile phones and tablets with all the right apps which is essential for his business and travel. Yet his apparel is based on technology that is more than 100 years old. We want him to travel lighter, stay warmer and look sharper.

So light is great?

Yes – light is very practical but most of all it feels great. Our Emperor Coat is actually easy to understand – just try it on.