As many of you I have my share of business travel and I know well it is often hard work. When we originally launched the EX-3™ Coat back in 2012 part of the ambition was to make travel just a bit lighter. Garment weight itself is actually important though we push this quite far with our obsessive engineering. However this design method can transform garments – which is very much the case of EX-3™ which is not in any way a regular coat.
For SS17 we are launching an all new, all improved EX‑3™ - sleeker with more technology than ever including a totally redesigned Business Inside™ pocket system and our new UltraSonic™ welding. Truly Cutting Edge.

So EX-3™ is my key recommendation and personal favourite this season. However do also have a look at Sky Fall™ and Maestro™ – our trio of light coats are all a bit different both in fit, material and personality. Which one is your favourite?

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or feedback on any of our products – simply e-mail me at and I will get quickly back to you.
Safe travels!

Dag Tresselt