Technology + Luxury

"For women we have perfected our revolutionary stretch technology. Softer, lighter and warmer with a perfect fit."

In Scandinavia winters are long and cold. You want to stay warm but still look your very best. Uber uses the latest technology to create beautifully shaped jackets that guarantee to keep you warm and protected even in the harshest winter storm. For women we have perfected our revolutionary Regulator™ strech technology – softer, lighter and warmer than ever.

Technology turns into luxury making you both look and feel great. Developed by an all-female team with industry leading competence in industrial design, pattern making and advanced manufacturing we have focused on constructing the perfect fit. Aided by our new hyper efficient insulation technology slim can actually be both warm and comfortable.

Add clean lines and new functional solutions and you are covered from the boardroom to kindergarten, from Stockholm to New York.